Contemporary jewellery - Modern jewellery

    We have contemporary jewellery and up to date modern pieces to wear in the office, work or going out. Many have been designed and handmade in the UK, West Midlands, to give you something different with personal expression, not available in other jewellery stores.

    What is contemporary jewellery?

    It has several meanings to different people. Contemporary in that is new and often a work of art. One-off pieces that can be displayed in an art gallery or museum. Big and very different or small and exclusive. Mostly handcrafted by artisans and can be of a price that reflects the art status. Wearable by a person, be it male or female. Who has a confident approach to your dress sense? Handmade jewellery that will appeal to untraditional thinkers and shakers in the fashion world at large 
    Or contemporary in the meaning of being modern and produced in the last few years. But not looking in an olden day style. A bit fresher in looks and appeal. In costume using several mediums not only metal. We have a small amount of silver available also.
    Also, "contemporary jewelry" in the US means second hand, but not quite vintage in age and produced within the last 25 years.
    So we have combined all of the above. We will be offering modern and exclusive pieces. With some fabulous artistic styles. Mixed with some brilliant and different handmade pieces. And adding some of our pre-loved modern made jewellery in as well.